Windows 10 build 18841 v.2003 (20H1) – download ISO file (February 22 2019)

A new test build of Windows 10 build 18841 (20H1) is available to members of the Windows Insider program who chose the “Skip Ahead” option to get the Pre-release builds of the next Windows 10 feature update.

Windows 10 Insider Preview build 18841.1000 is an assembly code-named 20H1, which is available to members of the Windows Insider program with the priority of receiving Skip Ahead updates.

This assembly belongs to the development branch RS_PRERELEASE of the next major update of Windows 10, which is expected in spring (March-April) of 2020.

New to Windows 10 build 18841 (20H1)

New features in the current build are not presented.

Major changes, improvements and bug fixes

Windows Sandbox adds support for configuration files. These files allow you to configure network and shared folders, virtual graphic processor settings (vGPU), and some other settings.
Windows Sandbox can now capture hotkeys in full screen mode.
Fixed an issue where Windows Sandbox did not start on localized builds.
Improved error reporting in Windows Sandbox. Now the error window contains an error code and a link to the feedback.
Fixed an issue where Windows Sandbox generated an error due to a link to a remote file in Windows.old.
Fixed a problem when, after detaching a group of applications in the Start menu, applications could remain pinned.
Fixed an issue where, if you hid the search icon on the taskbar, some 32-bit applications suddenly redrawn when you open the Start menu.
Fixed an issue that caused the search bar to become shortened if it started after changing the orientation of the device from horizontal to vertical.
Fixed a crash that sometimes occurred when opening the item “Advanced display settings” in the display settings.
In the advanced search settings, a problem was fixed that prevented the disc from being added to the list of exceptions.
The appearance of various unnecessary characters has been fixed in the Memory Control menu
Fixed an issue due to which in some games, after quickly pressing Alt + Tab and returning to the game, the display of the user interface hung.
Fixed an issue that caused the taskbar to blink when the power adapter was connected when the battery is less than 20% charged.
Fixed an issue that caused the taskbar to disappear for a second when the Start menu, the Cortana helper, or the search bar on the secondary monitor were disabled.
Fixed a problem with the previous build, due to which the explorer hung while trying to rename, delete or move the MKV files.
Fixed an issue where when logging in to the system, after closing the lock screen, the last logged-in user was forgotten and the login prompt for the user was displayed instead.
The problem of high CPU load by the CDPUserSVC service has been resolved.
Fixed an issue where enabled pop-up shadows might suddenly stop appearing after a while.
Fixed issue related to running multiple universal applications (UWP).
Fixed a bug where the left and right arrows on the touch keyboard inserted the numbers 4 and 6 in some languages ​​respectively.
Fixed an issue that caused the game recording panel and translation options to stop working in the latest build.
Some stability improvements for the emoticon panel and clipboard history.
Fixed a bug in the settings of special features, due to which the size and color of the mouse pointer was not saved during the update. But there was a problem with the mouse pointer when the cursor turns white after logging out and re-entering.
When using a screen magnifier with larger pointers, it moves smoothly when the pointers change shape.
Fixed an issue where the navigation mode for the Orbit display could not be changed.
Fixed an issue where Narrator stopped unexpectedly while reading PDF files.

Known Issues

Running games that use anti-cheat programs can lead to a “green screen of death” (GSOD).
Work continues on the correction of errors and omissions of the dark theme of Windows.
The function “Return computer to its original state” and the option “Save my files”, on the device with the Backup storage enabled, will require a manual additional reboot to make sure that the Backup storage is working properly again.
Some Realtek SD card readers may not work correctly.
In the Windows sandbox, if you try to go to the Voice Announcement settings, the Settings application crashes with an error.
The color of the mouse pointer may be mistakenly switched to white, after logging out and re-entering the system.
Work is underway on the problems in the work of sound cards Creative X-Fi. Microsoft is working with Creative to quickly fix this problem.
This build may have problems with the reliability of the Start menu – this will be fixed in the next build.

A full list of improvements, changes and known bugs is available in the official announcement on the Microsoft website.

Installation via Windows Update

Go to Settings > Update and Security and click Check for Updates. To complete the installation, you will need to restart the computer.

Download Windows 10 build 18841 (20H1)

Alternative download

If you want to perform a new installation of Windows 10 Insider 18841, then using the WZT-UUP service, you can download UUP files directly from the official Microsoft servers and automatically create a bootable ISO image using the instructions:

How to download Windows 10 ISO and create a boot image.

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