Download Windows 10 iso build 18912 (20H1): Bug Fixes. June 12, 2019

A new test build of Windows 10 ISO build 18912 (20H1) is available for members of the Windows 10 Insider program with update priority Early Access.

New to Windows 10 build 18912 (20H1)

Narrator Improvements

Narrator can now read you the page title at the URL of the hyperlink. To do this, just press the key combination Caps + Ctrl + D. Narrator will use the online service that will provide the page title. To refuse to use the online service, disable this feature in the settings.

Major changes, improvements and bug fixes

Fixed an issue where some insiders on the last build had unexpected green screens that indicated an error with the win32k.sys file.
Fixed a frequent crash of the Desktop Window Manager (DWM), which appeared in the last two assemblies, as a result of which the screen often turns black, and then everything was displayed normally again.
Fixed an issue where the attention focus function suddenly turned on for some users after all applications were minimized.
Fixed an issue where when you connected to a remote desktop to connect to a virtual machine, the search results on the taskbar were not visible, and only the dark area was visible
Fixed an issue where some emoticons could not be read by a speech synthesizer.
Fixed an issue where, in the Special Features settings, the choice of color filter could not be applied immediately if the color filter option was not turned off and turned on again.
Fixed an issue where users navigating to the Personalization page in the Settings application could encounter Parameters application errors.
Fixed an issue where a double click on the update icon in the taskbar would launch the Parameters application and instantly drop them.
Fixed an issue that affected the stability of the clipboard history and the emoticon panel in the last few assemblies.
Fixed an issue where the input method editor window for East Asian languages ​​(Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese and Japanese) could sometimes not open.
Fixed problems with entering text in Chinese writing pinyin and wubi.

Known Issues

For home releases, some devices may not see the message “Update installed” on the update history page and the update download percentage on the Windows Update page.
There are problems with old versions of anti-cheat programs used with games, when after upgrading to the latest builds of 19H1 Insider Preview, crashes can occur on the PC. We are working with developers on updating and fixing their software, and most of the games have received updates to prevent this problem from occurring. To minimize the likelihood of this problem occurring, make sure that you are using the latest version of your games before attempting to upgrade the operating system. We are also working on solving such problems that may arise on 20H1 Insider Preview builds, to minimize the likelihood of these problems in the future.
Some Realtek SD card readers do not work correctly.
When dragging the emoji panels and input, there is a noticeable delay.
There is a known issue with entering Bopomofo characters when the width of a character suddenly changes to full width with half width.
The Fake Protection feature can be disabled in the Windows Security application after upgrading to this assembly. You can turn it on again.
If the developer installs the “Early Access” channel to the assembly from the channel and switches to either “Late Access” or the Windows Pre-Assessment program, additional content, such as activating the developer mode, will not work. To add / install / enable optional content, you need to stay on the “Early Access” channel. This is due to the fact that additional content will be installed only in assemblies approved for a specific update channel.

A full list of improvements, changes and known bugs is available in the official announcement on the Microsoft website.

Download Windows 10 build 18912 ISO (20H1)

If you want to perform a new installation of Windows 10 Insider 18912, then using the WZT-UUP service, you can download UUP files directly from the official Microsoft servers and automatically create a bootable ISO image using this instruction:

How to download Windows 10 ISO and create a boot image.

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